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Top 5 Beauty Tips For 2012

Out with the old and in with the new! Each new year heralds the rise of exciting new beauty trends and styles, and 2012 is looking to be an innovative and creative year for the beauty industry. These five upcoming beauty trends are sure to find their place in homes, magazines, and runways throughout 2012.

Vintage Eyes

The cat is back! The retro and always striking vintage cat-eye is making resurgence in 2012. It's the perfect opportunity to practice your best eyeliner flicks with a bold double line, a thick angel wing, or even experiment with eyeliner in shades of blue and red. Complete this dramatic look with false eyelashes or a thickening mascara to make your eyes really stand out in a crowd.

Messy Hairstyles

Simple, messy styles are replacing the complicated and time-consuming hairstyles of 2011 on runways and even the red carpet. Quick buns, messy braids and fresh-from-the-shower hair have been popping up on runways and evening events in this last quarter of 2011, and the trend is expected to really take off in 2012 as an acceptable alternative to fancy evening hair.

Nail Art

Nail polish has always been a beauty staple - everyone, after all, has nails - but nail art is a rising trend that is sure to get those creative juices flowing. Quirky nail art designs are being showcased by high end designers and college students alike, making it a fun, vibrant and exciting trend that everyone can indulge in. Who could resist the temptation to amplify their look tenfold with just a few swirly swipes of nail polish?

Complimentary Reds

Make a bold statement next season by choosing complimentary reds for your lipstick and nail polish. Reds are taking center stage in 2012, and the bolder, the better. Using complimentary colors will bring your look together without making it too uniform. But don't feel like you have to limit yourself to that bright candy apple red we all know and love (or hate!) - try out shades of burgundy, carmine, rose and wine for an elegant look.

How-To Makeup Guides

If you've ever spent hours trying to get the exact look shown in a magazine, you'll really appreciate this new trend among beauty brands: the inclusion of how-to guides and tutorials in makeup palettes and kits. What was once relegated to fashion magazines and online tutorials is now finding its way to the great brands we all know and love. These handy guides offer tips and tricks on how to achieve specific looks with their products, making it a breeze to achieve even the most glamorous makeup styles.

The upcoming beauty trends 2012 are simple, creative, and bold! Vintage eyes, nail art that would make Picasso jealous, and bold reds are going to be among the hottest things in 2012. If you simply can't wait to put your own spin on these trends, why not welcome the new year with your best cat-eye and a messy bun? You'll be ahead of the curve!

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